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Top 5 things Real Estate Agents should Know about Video

In today's world video is everywhere, and shoppers feel a little lost without it. A real estate listing without a video is like a birthday gift wrapped without a bow. You can wrap a gift in pretty paper, but the bow is what completes the presentation. The same with video, no presentation is complete without it. Under the affordable Video Style we've posted below is our TOP 5 List of reasons Real Estate Agents should have Video.

1. Discovery and SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. Modern Best Business Practices require a solid Search Engine Optimization scheme for each of your real estate listings. SEO is a practice that all good web designers employee to help their clients information become discoverable. After Google purchased YouTube, the leveraged the internet in their favor by rewriting search algorithms to give preference to websites with video. Search Engine Web Crawlers love video.

2. At 360-Media, we make adding video to your listing EXTREMELY affordable, fast, and easy. 360-Media, The Property Imaging Expert!, has video options starting under $100. Our sister Company at Real Estate Photo, does the same.

3. Home Sellers love video and generally give agents that have video a higher satisfaction and approval ranking.  

4. Buyers gravitate listings with a video tour, sellers know that and expect their agents to know that as well.

5. Listing Exposure. Not only do listings with video receive more views, but serious buyers spend more time viewing a listings with video, as opposed to a listings without video.  The more time you can get a real estate buyer to spend looking at your listing , the higher the odds of converting them.

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